What is "BPA-free"?

For some time now, Masterkleer has offered a range of tubing with the “BPA-free” distinction. This distinction means that no plasticizer has been added. Since there is no plasticizer in this tubing, Masterkleer uses alternatives that make it possible to use this tubing in more sensitive areas.


Besides the advantage of increased possible applications, this tubing is also "ultra-transparent", which is especially attractive in the computer modding scene. This is even truer for areas where tubing is used to its full potential.

Difference from normal PVC tubing

The biggest differences are purely external. Masterkleer has managed to carry over the main features, such as tight bending radii and durability, to the ultra-transparent BPA-free tubing. While normal PVC tubing is available in a variety of colors, Masterkleer has decided to offer ultra-transparent BPA-free tubing to fully display all of its advantages.


It doesn’t get clearer than this! Independent tests (PCGH 02/2017 edition – p. 80) have confirmed that Masterkleer BPA-free tubing is the most transparent tubing in the world! Any fluid keeps its original color and really gets a chance to shine. This tubing adds something special to any system.